Classic & Sports Car 2005

Swissvax wins car-polish test in “Classic & Sports Car”

The british classic car magazine “Classic & Sports Car” tested 10 professional finish car-polishes and Swissvax (at that date traded under the old “swissol” brand) turned out as the winner due to both ease of application and unrivalled finish. [read more]

Published in February 2005

Classic & Sports Car 2005

Slippery when wet

A differentiated and a also bit sceptical view of Swissvax and its famous products brought to us in the unconventional perspective of Porsche Enthusiast Chris Horton who is not into car care at all.

Still, Chris decided to spend a hot summer day in August at the Swissvax Headquarters where he learned a lot about the history of the family business Swissvax, its famous product line and also gained firsthand experience by using the products. What starts from a sceptical perspective takes the reader into some very interesting aspects of car care and finally comes to a conclusion which you initially would not have expected. [read more]

Published in the December 2008 issue of 911 & Porsche World. By editor Chris Horton

Classic & Sports Car 2005

A day with Georg Weidmann

A captivating and multifaceted article introducing the reader to the traditional aspects of the family business Swissvax while portraying one of its prime movers – Georg Weidmann.

The editor narrates us many interesting aspects from his firsthand perspective that he has gained when he had a ride back from the Villa d’Este Concours from Lago di Como to Zurich in Georg’s 1928 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Warmly recommended to those who are interested in knowing more about the history of Swissvax and the people behind the world famous brand. [read more]

Published in the April issue 2008 of Octane. By editor Mark Dixon

Classic & Sports Car 2005

Best of Show Review in

Car Care expert Buff Daddy reviews the Swissvax Best of Show Entry Kit in the UK magazine

Not surprisingly, his verdict states that he is “very, very impressed” with this kit and as a consequence, Swissvax gets a clean 10/10 rating. [read more]

Published in the September 2008 issue of

grossvater wachs ein renner

Grossvaters Wachs ist ein Renner

Kurzportrait der Swissvax AG in Form eines Interviews mit dem CEO und Mitinhaber der Swissvax AG Georg Weidmann. [Lesen Sie mehr]

Publiziert in der Dezemberausgabe 08 des AMAG Retail Magazins „Profil“.

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